Friday, November 25, 2011

Better Luck Next Month

I was almost 53% sure that this month was the month.

Except I'm 100% sure now I'm not. The nasty AF witch appeared, and early. I was thankful for the fact that it came right before I went into the theatre to indulge in a 2-hour long of vampire and human making out. Edward Cullen took my mind off the witch and I forgotten I had a tampon in me after the movie. I was just basking in Edward's love.

Um hem... pardon me for that teenage streak. But you see, I had to explain to DH why I love Edward. It's all about the romance and sacrifice which I know is all fantasy. That's what made it appealing. You know it's hardly ever gonna happen in real life. DH is all "whatsup with that whiney Eddy?"... "you never reject your wife when she's begging you for sex...".

I digressed.

I had a tampon in my handbag and as we were leaving the car, I took one and put it in my purse. And then, in classic LadyInWaiting manner, I took it out again. "Nah... it can't be so soon."

What did they say about Murphy's Law? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Movie's about to start in 10 minutes, I had 3 tampons in the car, I could either rush to the car park or just get another box of OBs from the store next door. I chose the latter, of course, and pampered myself with a gift for the next cycle while I was there - Pre-Seed.

The ladies on various TTC forums seem to have very positive reviews about it and a few of them even had a BFP on their first cycle with Pre-Seed.

I didn't think baby-making would be so.... technical.

Essentially, it's a lubricant that helps couples who are TTC produce more EWCM so that it gives the sperm a... conducive environment to stay in for about 72 hours before making it to the one and only egg. The stringe looking tubes are applicators for you to insert the lube into your vajayjay about 10-15 minutes before BD-ing. I'm not sure if it'll work, but I'm happy to try it for the next cycle.

Right now, while the witch is here, I can have almost 2 weeks off from babymaking.

Till the next 2ww.

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