Friday, November 18, 2011

What No One Told You About Having a Baby...

And it's deeply heartening to learn I'm not alone in turning into the monster I am.
  1. Unprotected sex doesnt necessarily lead to pregnancy
  2. The longer you try, the more pregnant women spring up around you
  3. Living and planning your life in two weeks increment is a norm
  4. I wish we had started TTC earlier
  5. Women who do get pregnant are very blessed
  6. Talking about sex with fellow TTCers would be so easy
  7. I am bitter about unmarried accidental pregnancies. A little less bitter with married accidental pregnancies.
  8. Worrying about all my talk on TTC might bore my best friend
  9. I would sometimes resent the phrase "take it easy and don't stress about it" (Try it and tell me if you don't think about when your AF comes every month!! Or if it "just happened" to you, refer to point #7)
  10. Finding out how impatient I am

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