Monday, December 9, 2013

Mother's Instinct

"Trust your mother's instinct", a friend told me.

I was contemplating whether to bring B to his pd. He wasn't exactly unwell (thank goodness), but he has been pooing a lot. By a lot, I mean 5-6 times a day. I didn't pay much attention to it in the beginning because B is a master pooper in my eyes. Since day 1, he poos a lot. Until about 4 months he started to have one mega poo a day, which I thought was great. Then came the introduction of solids... Well.. That's another shitload of issue, puns intended!

Anyway, for almost a week, he has been pooping a lot. The texture were normal except for 1-2 diapers a day where it was somewhat watery. Other than this, he was perfectly fine, eating normally and his usual self. But the frequency and duration had me worried, so I was thinking wether to see the pd or not. My gut feeling told me he's fine, but my paranoid-mum brain told me to play safe. Lo and behold, on the day of his doctor visit, he only pooped once so far. Doctor's diagnosis? Probably something he put in his mouth since I didn't introduce anything new. He ruled it out as diarrhea but gave probiotics anyway.

So my friend's comment was right, trust your instinct. But then again, I'm no doctor. I rather pay to buy a peace of mind.

That said, like most mothers, I think I've graduated with a major in poology.

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  1. Yes, there was a time when my SIL would discuss the texture of baby K's poo to the hubs. It's amazing they have so much to ooh and ahh over this topic. Lol