Thursday, January 9, 2014

There's Gotta Be A First

Well, the thing I've dreaded is here. B has fallen ill. He's having the sniffles and I suspected he might he caught it from me even before my symptoms appeared.

Last week, there was a day where he had fever and after 2 dosage of paracetamol given for standby in case of fever after vaccine, he was fine. I suspected it could be due to his teething.

Yesterday he kept sneezing and I saw dried mucus crust around his nose. Lo and behold, this morning it become full fledged runny nose mucous. Apart from the dripping nose, he's still his usual self, cheerful and cheeky, thank god. But my heart aches. Guess there's not much I can do except to keep spray the saline nasal spray and sucking his mucus out.

This was the third suck. Luckily B found the sucking amusing otherwise it will be a lot more difficult to remove his mucus.

My dear baby, please get well soon.

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  1. Oh dear...hope he is better now. Anyway, like what they say, it'll build up the immunity. :)