Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keeping Busy

Strangely, I have an adrenalin rush today for being busy. 

I went to the market just before 7am, came back, washed the meat before DH left for work. Gave B his breakfast, let him play around while I mopped the house, bathed him and put him to nap. When he napped, I chopped up the ingredients for the chicken stew that we are all gonna have and threw them into the pot. When everything's cleaned up, B  got up, it's play time and then porridge time.

Mundane, boring. That's almost my everyday life. But today, there was a strange high, esp while I was mopping.

Sure I wished we had a helper to help with the chores and dishes, someone whom I can say "XX, can you cut up the vegetables and prepare B's porridge?". Or someone just to do the ever piling laundry.

But I don't. For now, keeping busy is the best way I can make myself feel useful. No more weekly meetings, random pull ups, quarter close, conf calls.

One gives you monetary rewards, while the other, quite frankly, nothing much but an important clean home with healthy, happy family.


  1. Different datelines, different expectations but nevertheless, just as satisfying. If not, even more! :)

  2. yes! i totally agree! life has never been more meaningful! i look forward to a day when i have more free time to even pick up my crochet needle to make some things again! hehehe, i love my life now!

    Jia you!