Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wet Market vs Supermarket

Before B came along, I had much time to be adventurous in the kitchen, but I never stock the house with food items because I don't cook everyday and when I do, the ingredients are not usually found in my fridge and we often made trips to the supermarket as and when I decide to cook. 

Shopping at the supermarket was good for me. They had ready cut fish, meat in a size that perfect for the two of us. I hated going to the wet market because I didn't know how to look out for what cut of meat I want, didn't know what to tell the butcher what I want, and quite frankly, I felt they were gonna cheat me just because I'm a noob, or even laugh at me.

But since B started solids, I had to buy a lot more food and a quick comparison between prices between wet market and supermarket had me gawking! Certain items can be 2-3x cheaper at the wet market. Moreover, the freshness of the produce is somewhat compromised. So I had to learn, and learn I did from the expert, my mum.

Now, I have my favourite butcher to go, who will throw in extras for me and round down the final amount. I have a favourite chicken stall whose owner gives me free chicken skin everytime I go- I've only asked from him once! (Fried chicken skin, truffle salt and paprika- killer combi with beer! Watch the cholesterol though). The veg guys throw in free spring onions or coriander. I am so sold. Freebies anytime.

One day, I overheard this convo:

Butcher: 来,要什么?
Aunty (in 50s): 啊。。我要猪肉
Butcher: 这边全部都是猪肉。你要猪的什么肉?

It's probably not as funny now but when I was there listening to it, I had to stop myself from grinning. It was silly.

DH said I've become a true blue aunty. For the other day he heard me in a conversation with the fruit stall and reminded me something I said which I didn't even realise. Whatever, for now, I'm really enjoying my weekly marketing trips and taking in the colourful happenings.

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  1. The conversation between the butcher and auntie is FUNNY la! Even as I read it now. Couldn't control myself from laughing in the office.
    Yes, the market is a hustle and bustle of activities. Bring B there soon, expose him to the pasat!