Thursday, July 10, 2014

Are My Pictures All Gone?

Can someone tell me if it's just me or all the pictures on my blog are gone?

I've recently gotten a Samsung S5 because my iPhone dropped and cracked. The thing about Android is it somewhat automatically sync your google+ stuff.. I think. So I ended up having loads of pictures from the past in my phone, which for some reason couldn't be deleted. I had to google (haa!) how to remove those pictures.

It seems that problem was solved but another has risen? If that's the case, I have to "redo" the blog design. Crappity crap.

Well on a separate note, DH is away, again. And I'm moping, again. This must be the 8635th time I've written here about being emotional when he's gone. But I can't help it. I guess we should both be somewhat happy that we are feeling this way after almost 8 years of marriage and more than 10 years together.

That said, his birthday is coming up next week and I'm freaking out because I have not planned anything. Well, we weren't able to properly celebrate both our birthdays since B came along. I was glad I did the big 40th bash for him before we were expecting. And now that I do not have my own income, there are lesser things I can do.

Any suggestions and recommendations on what we can do as a family?

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