Thursday, August 21, 2014

School Tour

Some of you might be aware that B is extremely shy in the presence of strangers - he will cling onto me tightly like a koala, and that means even when there are strangers at home.

I am worried for the day he needs to go to school and am trying to start him young to avoid any potential meltdown. I may be kiasu, but my intent is stemmed from trying to minimise any traumatic experience for him.

Whilst I have no intention to let him attend school until he's 3, I've been searching around for playgroups that I can attend with him, in hopes that he gets used to the school's "play and learn" concept. But then again, I doubt it will serve the purpose I had wanted it to. So I decided to check out schools instead, trying to understand how the preschool systems work and how we could potentially make his admission easier.

I toured a school recommended by an ex-colleague whom I trust a lot when it comes to making decisions regarding her kids. Turns out one of my ex-schoolmate sends her son there too. It was my first ever visit to a preschool and I did not know what to expect. So I turned to my mummies' group and asked the experienced ones what to look out for, questions to ask etc.

It was very interesting and B seemed genuinely curious and might even at one point seemed eager to join the kids. As we were walking around, I had a feeling B would do fine and I would be the one in a wreck. Having spoke to the administrator and had my questions answered, I think I am more confident now, as to how I will prep him. After all, he would be almost 3 by then.

I guess I still have some time to go seek recommendations and check schools out. Should be fun, except, the feeling is surreal. Looking for schools for my baby... I can't bear to think of it too much.

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