Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Learning Through Adverse Situations

A fellow mummy blogger shared this on Facebook. How apt it is for me, especially what we are going through at home.

It ain't major really. Except I have been down with a terrible cough for more than 2 weeks now and despite seeing a doctor and finishing my meds, it is not getting any better. And of course, as B's main caregiver, I should have put more thoughts into taking care of myself and ensuring B doesn't catch it from me. For 1 week plus, I gave myself and B a pat on the shoulders. Wow, he must be strong, my coughing fits doesn't bother him nor give him the virus. Well, lo and behold, 2 weeks later, my dear son caught it and I'm killing myself.

It started off one night where he couldn't sleep and was just tossing and turning in bed. I felt his forehead and it was feverish. We thought he was properly teething his final molars as I could feel it as I rubbed the teething gel. Gave him a little para and the next day he was fine. Then the runny nose started. And that cough. The next day was Sunday and I couldn't wait any longer because he did not sleep well at night at all. Searched everywhere for a clinic that is opened on Sunday and also capable of treating young kids. Found one, went there early and was pleasantly surprised there were quite a few baby patients. The doctor was ok, nice and thorough, but he is not Dr Z. He also prescribed antibiotics which I decided not to give to B since his fever wasn't the main thing and my gut feeling stopped me from doing so. I usually listens to doctors, most doctors that is. But this round I decided against it. If B is still not well by tomorrow, I will bring him to Dr Z for a review. 

Everywhere I read, there are articles saying cough medicine is not recommended for young kids. OTC cough syrups do not work for children. So am I really to sit and wait for the virus to go off by itself. His mucous are not bothering him as much as it is killing me. I'm impatient, my heart is aching so bad seeing him sleep and eat poorly. What can I do?!


Honestly, this is the first time B has fallen ill, majorly. I know after this episode, we will both emerge strongly, and I will have learn something new.

Meanwhile, this space might be a little quiet while I mend my broken heart and TLC my son back to health.

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  1. You are one tough mummy! Hang in there, B will recover in no time!