Thursday, November 6, 2014

Journey Ahead Part 2

This blog started when DH and I were planning to start a family. I wanted to jot down all the memories, including the agonising ones, on how we come about to the family we are today. Looking back, I have no one else to blame except myself. I just needed to be more aware of my cycle. But that said, had I not gone through that process, I wouldn't have understand my body better like I do now.

When we first found out I was expecting B, I hesitated on whether I should announce it on my blog after the first 12 weeks. You can read about it here. In the end I decided to go ahead with it as this was the place that I want to jot down the entire journey. So I went ahead and updated at about 6 weeks pregnant. Every post thereafter was mainly on the pregnancy updates, when the next doctor visit would be, what we saw during the visit and how we planned for his arrival. Oh boy, just the memories alone I will treasure so much.

We recently decided to start trying for baby #2 since it took us awhile to conceive B. And by trying, I mean no contraception. So you can imagine our surprise when we found out I was pregnant after the first cycle.

I wasn't sure what made me POAS but remember that day when I was exhausted? I found it a bit weird because when I was giving B a shower at 930am, I was so tired I could sleep in the bathroom. I went to bed at 830pm that evening not even welcoming DH home from his overseas trip.

Subsequently it was the frequent toilet visits and me not being able to finish my dinner that got me suspicious. When my period was a day late, I decided to test because it has always been on time and I didn't want to speculate, I had a ladies night planned this week. I didn't even need to wait for the results on the pee stick, it was immediately 2 lines and I started shaking and laughing because that was almost too good to be true. Made DH buy me a digital kit so I could test again.

So there you go, we're expecting baby #2. I know the journey ahead is going to be tough, but hopefully this time round, we are better prepared. I got all emotional thinking I wouldn't be able to focus all my attention on B when #2 comes along, but the consolation is he will have a playmate, and that's what we always wanted.

Beanie, daddy, mummy and kor kor look forward to welcoming you to our happy family.