Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finally Normal... Or Not?

After what felt like forever, today, I felt normal.

I finally felt normal enough to bring B to the playground. It has been sooooo long since we last went down and he had such a great time on the slides. I felt so guilty.

The last 2 weeks was a disaster. There was no fixed time for the morning sickness to set in. Sometimes it starts right after I wake and I know that day will be a bad day. Some day I feel alive and fully functional until late afternoon where I'll be completely miserable. On my bad days, I've tried all the supposedly tested ways to curb morning sickness, from taking small meals, to sipping ginger or peppermint tea, to using the Sea-band which works on your nei-guan pressure points to relieve nausea, to using essential oils, basically everything, they all do not work. What did work was to really let it go, i.e. throw up. So I had been busy burying my head in the toilet bowl. Sighs.

I have not cooked for the family for a while. Poor B has been porridge if it was just me and him at home. Thankfully I have my mum cook for him, so at least he gets some variety. I am out-of-this-world thankful for this little trooper who has been nothing but cooperative. Just 2 days back, I was vomiting my gut out in the bathroom and I heard him come up behind me, closing and opening the toilet door. Then he stepped in, which I couldn't stop him but say, "Bradley please don't come in, mummy's sick". You wouldn't believe what the boy did next. After I flushed, he came right up to me while I was still squating on the floor, and buried his head in my chest like how he would when I ask him to "sayang" mummy. I broke down in tears and hugged him so tight. Then he pushed me away after 2 seconds.

What have I done to deserve this sweet little thing? Oh I could cry again.

Sorry, I blame it on the raging hormones.

Hope to be back real soon!

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