Sunday, January 4, 2015

December Staycation - Part 2

My last two posts were actually written at the hotel where we stayed for our second staycation in two weeks.

I know it's a bit silly - we could have used the money spent to go on an overseas trip. Trust me, I would love that too. But I really am too kiasi to travel in my first trimester. And really, the second staycation was totally impromptu. We made a booking on the evening of Xmas eve to check in on Xmas day itself for two nights.

It started because DH and I were completely clueless as where we can bring B to during his time off. We wanted to avoid indoor playgrounds as it was the school holidays and a friend who's hubby is a doctor at a hospital A&E told us there was a stomach virus going around. The weather was unpredictable to plan for a day at the beach or pool. So, what the heck, let's just go enjoy at a hotel with club facilities and let B go wild again.

The weather was great on the first day and we spent the bulk of the afternoon at the pool and B has come to a point where he's no longer afraid of entering the water on his own and can even jump in. Of course, we did not allow that. One of us is in the pool at any one time to catch him so when he jumps, he is jumping into our arms.

Happy hour at club lounge

Brekkie time

That sums up our tiring December. It was great having DH home and someone to relief me or share the workload but now that we are in 2015, the whole cycle is starting again. DH has 2 business trips in January (argh) and I'm back to reality too.

Never mind, all these shall pass and good days ahead.

Until beanie comes along 7 months later.

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