Monday, April 6, 2015

Lucky Girl(s)

My friend Karen packed a whole bunch of baby girls clothings for Clara and we went to pick it up from her last Friday. It was 4 bags full and I still haven't got down to sorting them out. Thank you so much. That saves us a lot of time and money in buying new clothes for C. She had also wanted to kindly bless us with the baby cot, which I had initially accepted, but seeing B no longer sleeps in his and is in fact too big for the cot, we kindly declined it. So now, everything is pretty much sorted. We have the big items stuff all ready - cot, car seat (also from Karen which B used it before he turned 1), steriliser, breast pumps, rocker. These are mostly from B's time and we hardly need to buy anything apart from maybe some new milk bottles and a couple of newborn clothes for the first few weeks. So blessed, thank you to all my lucky stars.

I am now 26 weeks, which leaves us about 14 weeks left. It is crazy how time has flown. Everyday, I'm just enjoying my moments with B because I know inevitably when mei-mei arrives, this devoted attention to him will have to be split up. Sorry my baby, but always always remember mummy loves you a lot.

I tell him everyday how much I love him and how I always will. Its very cliche and cheesy but it is the truth. DH observed how special a bond B and I share and this is something that will never change.  He is turning 2 in a few weeks and sometimes we look at him and get completely thrown away at how grown up he is, and yet his childlike character brings us back to reality that he is in fact only just 2.

His ability to speak in short sentences and phrases make things a whole lot easier in understanding him and communicating with him. Sometimes, out of the blue, he will say something that catch us off guard and have us laughing uncontrollably. Just a few days back:

B: Mummy carry

DH: Come, daddy carry and let mummy rest

B: Ok

2 minutes later...

B: Mummy carry

Me: Daddy carry you is the same right?

D: No, mummy carry. Don't want daddy carry.

Hahahaha... I couldn't help but laughed out loud and DH gave a -_-" face. He said his son "no give face".

The things he say, I should try to compile them so that I can look back and have a good laugh next time.

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  1. I actually packed them according to size & age but forgot to told you which bag to start with us! Oops...