Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Birth Story - Baby Clara

So I've updated here I'd been having bloody show for a few days, lost my mucus plug. But just like Bradley, Clara decided it's fun to mess with mummy and let her guess and guess on when she will arrive.

On Monday evening before I went to bed, I started feeling some contractions. Told myself to sleep it off and if it's real contraction, I will definitely be woken up by it. At around midnight, I got woken and started timing the contractions. They were regular and painful but definitely very bearable.

12am: regular contractions about 10min apart

2am: after 2 hours of monitoring, decided to wake up and go to the hospital. Showered,  woke hub and did some last min packing

3am: called mum since she's coming along to watch B for us. Carried B but he woke up and didn't go back to sleep till 7!!!

350am: reached TMC. Settled B and mum at family lounge and went to labour ward. 2-3cm apart, cervix soft, contractions 5-7min apart. Pain level 3/10

7am: by this time my contractions seems to have died down

9am: Dr W came and checked. Only 3-4cm!! Faint. No pain. So broke waterbag and started oxytocin

1030am: texted hub to activate him back to the labour room coz I'm starting to feel intense pain. Cervix check: 4-5cm. Oh my god, so slow. Contemplating epidural. But it seems like with each contractions the cervix opened abit more.

11am: asked for gas. Realised I've been using the gas wrongly with Bradley coz I actually felt high from it while with bradley, it had no effect! Pain, pain, SO MUCH PAIN! DH was super encouraging, held my hands throughout and told me I did it with Bradley,  I could do it this time since it will be a faster labour.

Next few contractions I know the nurse was checking and each time it got bigger. Next thing I knew, she was pressing the call bell and another head popped in to ask "call now?".

"Yes, faster".

In minutes, I hear DR W running in and said, "wah so fast".

"ok, next contraction push"

Ok so I pushhhhhhhh like I had the constipation of the lifetime. And everyone around me like so excited I think they can see baby's head emerging.

"change of breath... pushhhh"


"One more time baby coming"

"Pushhhhhhhh. .. dont stop... pushhhhhh"

And out came a whole chunk of slimy hot stuff and baby was on my chest.


Seriously,  why this round so scary? I can actually remember everything vividly. I can even feel dr stitching me up and we were having a convo. She said the tear was v small and she's proud of me! Awwww my idol leh. .

Anyway, that is my birth story second time. Not much diff from the first except it being shorter and faster. In fact even their birth time is just 1 hour apart. Everything else kinda deja Vu.

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