Monday, November 25, 2013

And So We Did It

I don't know what I did that made this post went missing. Well, it's back now.

With no fanfare, no tears, no emotional conversation with B, just like that, I weaned B off my breastmilk. :)

Talk about being random. It happened two days ago after putting B to bed, DH and I were having dinner and I was too tired to pump. I was already pumping twice a day and very irregularly, and so I decided to skip that pump and go to bed early. Random isn't it? All those thoughts and imagination about how I will tell B, "Baby, this is the last bottle of breastmilk, after this you will move on to drinking fm, ok?" never happened. B's nonchalent attitude towards what he was drinking made it easier. Man, can I love this boy even more?

I got up in the middle of the night with a soaking top and stone hard boobs, but I was too tired (read: lazy) to get up and pump. Honestly I think it was a bad idea to somewhat abruptly stop. It could lead to mastitis and from what I heard, some said its worse than childbirth! I hand expressed a little but succumbed to the pump twice. Today, I'm glad to report my boobs although full, doesn't hurt, so I assume we are doing ok.

I am enjoying my "pumpless" moments, for one, I got to somewhat sleep in today till B woke us up. We only need to carry a flask for hot water, the fm and empty bottle when we go out. No more cooler bags with ice packs in them, no more thermo flask with container to warm up ebm. DH is totally enjoying carrying the lighter bag. I got to eat what I have not eaten since pregnancy days - mackerel, raw oysters and drinking guilt-free. When one is breastfeeding, one really needs to be mindful of the diet as it gets passed on to the baby. I have a friend whose pd was concerned that a particular persistent cough was taking so long to recover. Eventually, they suspected diet played a part.

Anyway I digressed. My whole point is, I can now say "been there, done that". Given a chance to start all over again, I probably would choose to do the same thing over despite the pains and stress in the beginning, all those hours spent hooked up to the pump, the countless times I dozed off while pumping...... But ask me what I feel about breastmilk, my honest opinion? It's probably a tad overrated. I get that "breast is best"... but "excuse me, are you a formula fed/breastfed baby?" says no one ever. I am glad my breastfeeding days are over, I am glad B was exclusively bf for at least 6 months, but more importantly, I'm glad B's healthy and happy. That's all I ask for.

Meanwhile, let me sit back and enjoy my drink. :)

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