Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bradley at 7 Months

As I'm writing this post, DH is in Jakarta having meetings with clients, B is having his nap and I'm eating a hum chin peng for lunch at 3.30pm. My mood? Incredulous. Simple things in life make me happy. Now, I would be really happy if B can take at least an hour nap.

At 7months, he recognises things, people, songs. He shows different emotions, and of late, scared and sad.

I needed to get a new pair of specs desperately as I had an eye infection from wearing my contacts too long and my old pair of specs is really blurry. So we went to an optical shop across the road to see if I can get a pair. You know how these shops display their specs frames on the wall? When we stepped in, B let out a loud cry and we took him out immediately. Thinking it was nothing, after calming him down, we went in again. And when he saw those frames on the wall, he jumped and had a scare, as cried even harder! I guess those frames look like eyes looking at him? 

Today, his 5 yo cousin looked at him and said "what?" in a slightly louder tone, poor B thought he was being scolded and cried too. My heart broke on both occasions.

Every morning when he wakes up, we hear his coos through the baby monitor and we'll go into his room to see what he's doing. I typically greet him with a song, same song no less, and without fail he breaks into this sweetest smile. When he hears the song but doesn't see me, he'll pause whatever he's doing and wait for me to appear. I guess this is what happiness means.

5 more months to a year old, I haven't even grapple with the fact I have a baby! When will it actually sink in? That DH and I are now parents and we are in this forever... 

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