Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bradley's Bag of Tricks

Happy 8th month old my darling! 

It is ridiculously crazy how time passes so quickly. 4 more months and he will be one year old! DH and I are already thinking about his first birthday. I think most likely it will be a quiet affair, just the 3 of us. You know if we have a party with my side of the family, there's a chance we have to do one more with his side... so I guess to not complicate things and start any conflicts, just the 3 of us might be the best and ideal case.

At 8 months old, B has his bags of tricks. You know I'm not exactly very conscientious in stimulating or teaching baby with things like flash cards. Well, I did "flash" him 3 times a day, everyday when he turned 3 months old. Then it become once a day, then it became whenever I feel like it. But one thing for sure, I read to him everyday without fail, especially before bed time.

So I was rather surprised when I taught B how to "kok kok" our foreheads and after a few tries, when you say "Kok Kok" and lean your head in, he does the same! But this cannot, never ever, be compared to asking him to give mummy a kiss. I guess from day one he's been abused with all my kisses and whenever I wanna kiss him, I will say "come, let mummy kiss" or "give mummy a kiss". Now, when I lean in to him and say "give mummy a kiss", he leans back in and aims for my mouth. Sometimes with his mouth open! DH witnessed it yesterday and I was crazy with pride.

Oh baby, mummy loves you so much. 

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