Monday, December 23, 2013


I'm a yoga rookie. The first time I did yoga was during my honeymoon and the resort offered complimentary yoga on certain days. That session left me handicapped for the rest of my honeymoon. Ok maybe I exaggerate, but you get the gist.

5 years after that session, I signed up as member of a gym near my office and took advantage of its lunch time Yoga 101 classes. But it was usually too rushed for me so I ended up using the gym more instead of the classes.

I always wanted to be religious in practicing yoga but I guess you can say there was never a right time and place. When I got pregnant, I was very keen in prenatal yoga but Dr W felt that unless I have been doing yoga for awhile, I should probably not attempt to start- not for fear of hurting the baby, but more of injuring myself. 

Up until recently, a new yoga studio opened next to my mum's place! That's a sign from heaven to stop finding excuse! I jumped at the opportunity an wet for the trial class today. Love it despite being in so many aches and pains now. The one hour of solitude really did me good. I felt rejuvenated afterwards and best part? It's next door to my mums! How convenient?

Looks like I'll be doing some stretching moving on!

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