Friday, January 17, 2014


The other night, I made plans with friends to catch up over a steamboat dinner. I haven't had steamboat in the longest time, somehow I just don't feel comfortable bringing B to a steamboat restaurant and with him, we don't have the luxury to slowly eat ad enjoy. It was also my first night out without hb or baby since he was born.

I guess why I dared doing that was the fact B's bed time is early. So technically I can leave home after he sleeps, which was my plan. Left I did, and even got there early to join in for happy hour before dinner. 

It was nice to be out with friends, it felt like what it used to feel - carefree and sometimes even reckless. More importantly, I was able to enjoy myself without worrying what b is up to because I know he's in bed. Had it been during the day, I would have behaved differently. All this whole of wanting to go out to have me-time, I finally did. Now given a choice, I much rather stay home BUT it's the knowledge that if I needed a time out, the option is there.

Cindermama left home at 7 and was back by 1015pm. And then, the whole night duty began later on like she never left.

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