Thursday, January 30, 2014

If I Had A Nickel For Everytime

.. Someone says "you gotta learn to let go"...

"For your sanity, please do this..."

"Give baby a break.. Cut yourself some slack.."

"Take it easy"

"It will be good for you and baby..."

"You need me-time..."

"Go on a date with your hubby.."

"Don't worry about the household chores"

"Baby's having allergic reaction.. Your house dirty is it? Did you clean the toys?"

I will be very rich. Every comments stemmed from good intentions but sometimes they do more harm than good.

I have had me-time, I prefer time with baby though he drives me nuts at times. If I really had to, I know I could.

Dates with hubby- we both prefer to bring bb along and are happier this way. We have our romantic date nights at home after bb is asleep over a good bottle of wine, snuggling on the couch an watch a movie, then dozing off together and dragging our feet back to the bedroom.

Nonetheless, I still thank you for your remarks. At least you cared.

Well on a brighter side, it seems, fingers, toes, eyes crossed, that B's sleep regression is finally over! Maybe the dr was right, it was teething. Now that his 4 upper incisors are out, things seem to fall back nicely in place. His naps are better too! Hopefully this stays.

Oh and yes, happy cny!

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