Thursday, February 27, 2014

10 Months Old

Yesterday, our darling turned 10 months. He will be 1 in just 2 months. Where has the time gone to? I still look at him occasionally thinking who is this fellow. When I'm alone with him, observing him play, I get this incredulous feeling every single time. I wonder if I will ever get used to it.

Now as he gets older, you would think everything should get easier too. Sadly, there are different issues and challenges at different stages and phases.

In the newborn stage, it was trying to sort out breastfeeding and his feeding schedule. Then it was the fatigue from pumping milk. Then it was his sleep regression plus teething. And now, it's keeping a close eye on him as he crawls and cruises around. Not forgetting cleaning up the warzone everyday day. It's a good form of exercise.

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