Tuesday, February 4, 2014


After what felt like forever, B seems to be going back to his usual self of sleeping thru the night and no more fussing. 

It was really bad for the last 3 weeks. He would sleep at his usual bedtime, only to wake up an hour later, crying so badly nothing could stop him. He doesn't want milk, doesn't want water, doesn't want his pacifier and when being carried, he jumped and squirmed. When all else failed, we turned to the tv for distraction or the carrier. He would be up for 1-2 hours before going back to sleep, only to get up 3-4 hours again. And because of this interrupted sleep for him, he wakes up super cranky which last thru the day.

A few days before cny, it changed. He slept thru the night, took longer naps during the day and happy when awake. Sighs. I really hope it's over. He now has 7 visible teeth! 4 on the top and 3 bottom. Cute!

His appetite has also up, which I'm glad. His solids intake have always been great, but milk so-so. Unfortunately I have no idea why he hasn't put on weight for the last 2 months. Given the amount he eats, it was a surprise. I hope it's because of his activities and energy level.

Other than life back to usual, a 9-monther is really a joy! He had such a ball over cny and today, as I was trying to make him nap, he kept cracking me up which ended up with both of us laughig and giggling. Such a joy.

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