Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Keeping Friendships & Relationships Alive

I am so blessed that over the years, I've come to make many good friends. Coworkers, clients, schoolmates and sometimes just by pure stroke of fate, friends like Karen whom we met on the internet and clicked because of similar interests.

Some of my dearest friends started as my colleagues and some of us may have left the company, we are still very much involved in each other's lives. My ex-clients still ask me out for coffee/meals to catch up, some have become my friends. Even the agents from overseas in Malaysia and Korea are still in touch it warms my heart when they sent gifts over for B.

Next 2 weeks I have luncheons planned with different ex colleagues. I guess as with all relationships, it takes both hands to clap. For every effort a friend takes to keep in touch, do know that I appreciate it.

Thanks for being in my life friends!

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