Thursday, February 20, 2014

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

I am constantly on the lookout for great diaper bag. My definition of great: big yet not too big, otherwise it would be too bulky to carry esp when I'm out alone with B; deep yet not too deep so that I won't have to dig too far in; wide yet not too wide so that it fits the stroller when not in use; pretty yet not too feminine so that DH can carry it without looking too gu niang.

I have a few bags that I rotate usage but do send your recommendations along! One can never have too many bags, diaper bags included.

This was the very first bag I bought before I delivered. Chanced upon it at one of those pushcarts at a mall and I thought it was cute. Well, cute aside, a FTM has no idea how much space a diaper bag should have. This was ok, but when we were bringing ebm and hot flask + container out, it was nearly exploding and every time we needed to take something out, we had to remove its content first. Good for short trips like across the road to the pd.

This sling bag came with the Avent breast pump and turns out we have been using this quite a bit as DH can sling it without looking too cutesy. Anyway with B on solids, we have to bring another small bag for his utensils, food, water etc, so this is just nice for the diaper stuff and my wallet.

I bought this bag at the Robinsons expo and have used it the most especially when I'm out alone with B because it's huge.

In it, I have a bag organiser to put: 3 diapers, diaper cream, powder, lotion, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, pacifier wipes, hand&mouth wipes, changing sheets, airsick bags, cotton wools/buds and a fresh set of clothes. I still have space for his totseat, snack bag, paper fan, my wallet, a small pouch for my tampons, a small story book, nappy cloth/towel.

Then, I can still shove one milk bottle, one hot water flask, one small water bottle and fm dispenser! It's like Doraemon's pouch- bottomless. 

It's great, I quite like it, BUT, I still haven't found THAT bag yet. Have you?

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