Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Little Foodie

Every day I spend some time in the kitchen to prepare B's meals. I used to cook in a slightly larger quantity so that it can last for 2 days, but sometimes the quality is compromised after chilling, so I have given up that thought. And since my Sinchies review, I've bought the Avent steamer-blender, which, OMG, is the best invention ever! Previously I was steaming it the conventional way, then using a hand blender to purée. There's so much washing to do, but with this, ahhhh... It's just a breeze.

Anyway, back to my point, so B has home cooked food almost every meal, but on weekends it's tough coz we are out most days, so his last meal usually is cereal with fruit or veg purée. Sometimes I will cook porridge before we leave and keep it in the thermos jar, but I try not to keep it in there too long. So I decided to buy some food pouches to go along with his cereal for convenience sake, and also bought a couple jars of pasta sauce for "no time to cook" days.

Today, I rushed back home after lunch in time to cook his pasta, and when he tasted it, his face cringed and spat out the food. It continued for like 10 spoons full before I decided it's not gonna work. But his expression had me laughed sooo hard he stared at me like I was crazy. Ahhh, way too funny.

So happy with his food and milk intake of late. With his 3 solids, 3 milk feeds of 210ml and plentiful of snacking in between, it leaves me to wonder why he's lean. Everyone keeps telling me because he's too active. Oh well, just keep doing what you do and be happy and healthy!

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