Sunday, March 30, 2014

Birthday Parties

*Updated 31 Mar

Seeing photos on fb of how huge others' parties are, the beautiful cakes, the gorgeous decor.. I'm kinda freaked out. We have no fancy fondant cake, only a Mickey Mouse cake from plain old Bengawan Solo. I am trying to cut cost as much as possible, but can't help but wonder would all this change had I been working? Hmmm

B attended two of his friends birthday parties today. One held at home while another at a restaurant. There's always pros and cons of holding a party at home or out. With the former, you don't have to worry about logistics like diaper changing, bringing enough food or milk or simply worrying about the kiddo moving around unattended in an unfamiliar setting. With the latter, there's no worried about the cleaning up (esp when we do not have a helper), do not have to worry about ensuring the guests are served etc. I remember writing before it was a huge mistake holding the full month party at home. Well, either I don't learn from mistake, or I actually think we are more experienced now.

So B's party gonna be held at home, and only my side of the family are invited. That's probably about 20 already. We had originally wanted to cater, as it was easier and cheaper, but after doing the sums and what I had wanted to serve is rather costly to have them catered ($90 for a platter of 30 pieces of hor 'deuves from Fine Palate just doesn't gel with me!), we have decided to home cook. I now I'm being ambitious but I kinda wanted it to be a little different. Wish me luck on that day.

Back to B's party today....

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