Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And So.... A Year Has Past

I guess I'm doing fairly ok. If there is a report card for parenting, I think I probably scored B for the last one year term. Did I give myself too high a grade? Maybe, but at least I deserve a B for efforts? ;) 

So his birthday is finally over. Phew. No more major party until he's much much older. I don't think he'll remember that day, but very importantly, it will be engraved in DH and my heart.

I had wanted to let him stay up late(r) but by 645pm, he hasn't had his bath and began to be a little cranky and demanded to go to bed. Lately, when he's tired of playing, he will drop everything, crawl to his bedside table where I keep his pacifier, yell for it and then crawl to his cot and asked to be let in. I'm quite lucky in this aspect that he's at this stage. His naps are getting better and I'm relying less of the carrier. Sometimes he simply refused to be restrained in it.

Lately I've been trying to teach him how to give a flying kiss (where is it all grandparents want the kiddos to do this? Is this a local thing? :) ). Instead of his palm to his mouth, he sticks his index finger and pushes his tongue out. Too funny. He can pick out Mickey, Elmo and penguin from his pool of soft toys and even said "Elmo" once. Only that very one time. Not walking yet, although he cruises around a lot. I'm not teaching him either... Lazy mum. But I am looking forward to the day he can walk because we have so many things we want to do with him and places to bring him to.

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