Friday, April 25, 2014



Me: I've been having what I think is contractions leh, but quite far apart, like 10-13min. I think we better standby tonight go in the middle of night.

DH: ya, better.

Me: but if go in not contractions very pai seh leh... 

DH: it's ok la, you're scheduled to be induced anyway, if not contractions then treat it as just go in early lor...


Me: ok he's finally asleep. I will take a shower first then we can have dinner. Then the fun begins!


10+ pm
Woken up by contractions. Seems far apart and bearable. Better go back to sleep and wait awhile more.

11+ pm
Impossible to sleep. Contractions getting stronger. Used the iPhone app to track how far my contractions. Patiently tracked for one hour before I decided they are getting close. 3-5min apart. 

1+ am
Got up to shower, woke DH up after showering and told him, "baby, I think it's time". He leaped straight up and into the bathroom

8+ pm
Me: a little bit higher on the left. 

DH: can't wait to see his reaction tomorrow morning when he sees the decor.


7+ am
Watching cna for a million times but yet I don't rem what the news of the day was. Joking with DH, one hand holding on to my hp texting my friends and relatives, another holding on to the laughing gas like my dear life

7+ am
Me:" Bradley! Don't go into the kitchen. Come out here"

B: "taaaaa.... Haaaahaaa" goes to fridge and demanded to be carried and to go through our personal game with the fridge magnets

DH: I'll take him across to buy bfast.

B: GAi GAi......

Dr Wong arrived. So happy and relieved to see her coz I know I am in good hands.

Dr: how are u feeling? No pain management, doing well. You are 6cm now, I'm going to break your water bag.

-strange warm water gushing out-

Dr: how? Do you need epidural?

Me: erm... I don't know, should I?

Dr: I think you can do without.

Nurse: ya you are doing fine.

-looks at DH, uncertain-

Me: ok I guess I try.


10+ am
7 cm, excruciating contraction pains. I want epidural NOW.

Nurse: hmm... Let me check you again and also if the anaesthetist is around. 

Nurse left and came back with another to check on dilation again. 

Nurse 2: your next contraction, you are going to practice pushing. We don't need this anymore. -took away my dear laughing gas-


10+ am

DH: coming back with the balloons!



After 45min of practice and actual pushing.. My love came into this world. 

My life has since changed completely. He has given me the best pregnancy experience, and an incredible labour process and more importantly, given me love. I cannot imagine life without him and even if it means the sleep deprivation and all the late night staring game.

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