Monday, May 5, 2014

12-Month Doctor Checkup

After what felt like forever, we finally went in to Dr Zainal's clinic for his 12-month checkup and MMRV jab. Just like when I was carrying him, I always looked forward to each gynae visit because I want to see him on the screen, know how much he has grown and how we are doing. Now, I need the assurance as much as I want it, that B is doing well. Need to know his weight gain, height and that his reflexes and motor skills and development are on track. 

Well, I guess we both did alright and I am super pleased with his weight gain after being stagnant at 9.4kg for almost 3-4 months. At 12 mo, B stands at 79cm and weighs 10.6kg. Dr was pretty pleased as well so that made me a happy mama. Oh, his canines are coming out.

The thing with MMR jab is the onset of fever if any, comes 3-7 days later... So now we wait.

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