Saturday, May 10, 2014

When Daddy Is Away

... Mummy and Bradley will have to take care of each other and try not to exert too much energy on each other.

Before Bradley, DH travelled a lot for work. So did I, traveling quite a fair bit on business. But everytime he went away, I feel so lonely and miss him so much. Now, I have B with me. Loneliness is gone, but I still miss him.

He will be away for a whole week in Japan. I need to find activities for B as I, which shouldn't be too tough. Last Thursday, I brought him out to HP alone and both had so much fun. Next week, we'll just have to stay home one day, go to my mum's one day, out to an indoor playground one day, lunch with a friend one day and daddy will be home! Maybe we could even go for a swim at B's favourite 姨姨 house.

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