Monday, May 19, 2014

Cutting Some Slack

As a FTM, there are so many things I learnt from mistakes. Sometimes I'm not sure if reading too much or listening to hearsay is any good.

I've been rather strict with B's bedtime routine and even his naps because "... Don't want to create a habit of doing xxx" and "get use to xxx". Lately, I've cut us both some slack. Instead of sitting in the dark, waiting for him to go back to sleep for 1-2 hours when he sometimes wake up and can't goes back to sleep, I bring him to our bed where I get to sleep and he falls asleep even faster. The bestest thing, seeing him lay in bed, then decide to snuggle and sleep in my arms. Melts my heart everytime he does it. DH witnessed it and was amazed too. I slept sweetly and B slept better too.

That's not to say routines aren't good. Because he's so used to a routine, when it's time for bed, he will take the initiative and crawl to his cot. When I say, "Bradley, bedtime already.." He crawls to his bed. "Bradley choose a book mummy read to you" he crawls to his bookshelf. "Bradley shower!" He crawls to the bathroom. Although the showering thing takes a few reminders.

All in all, I'm having fun with him and enjoying him everyday. I hope this lasts..

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