Sunday, May 25, 2014

Who's That Driving?

Last Friday, I had lunch with the mummies and a few of their bubs. Decided not to drive because I know lunch will definitely eat into B's nap time as I didn't want to rush home, so we took a cab to Orchard.

The last time I took B on a cab ride must have been when he was 5/6 months old. So it was all very weird for him to be in a car, not in his car seat and another strange man driving in front. He was so stiff the entire ride, not daring to move or say a word. I was surprised coz there rarely is a moment where he sits still.

B being super wary of the driver. Got to the restaurant alright and food was yum! 

B falling asleep while we took pictures. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long for a cab home, he continued sleeping for another 1.5 hrs when we got home. Yay to my Korea drama (that's for another day).

Today we braved the heat and went to the bird park. Scorching hot but otherwise ok. Moral of the story: he's still too young to enjoy these attractions. Another year perhaps?


  1. His expression is priceless! lol - daddysgirl

  2. B's face is so funny in a cute way!! And yes, I agree with you about him being too young still to enjoy the attractions. That's why we never rushed for K to go to this place or that. They have quite a lot more time to really enjoy them, don't they. :p