Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fantasy vs Reality

The haphazard posts of late is not because I don't have much to update, in fact, most of the time I have so much to update that I don't know where to begin. But my latest reason? I've been watching Korean drama. Sighs. I know, I know. It's been how many years since I last watched dramas, whether HK, Korea or Taiwan? It all started with chats with friends and how a friend has been watching marathon and losing sleep. I thought, should I even start? I know if I do, I will be "chasing" the drama till it ends. Well, at least my responsible mother hat was on the entire time - I only watched when B naps and when he goes to bed at night. I even wait till DH and I are done for the evening, i.e.,  finished dinner, finished being a couch potato and after we retire to bed.

The formula of these romantic dramas is still the same, but they still very much appeal to me. I'm a sucker for romance and DH often says I'm watching fantasy dramas because whatever happens in those shows won't happen in real life. I agree with him to a large extent, but does it matter if its reality or fantasy if it makes you happy for that brief moment? Anyways.

An update of B: at 13 months, he isn't doing a lot. By a lot, I mean walking or talking. He cruises most of the time but isn't standing unsupported yet. To be honest I'm not really anxious although it will be really good if he starts to walk, because we have so many places we want to bring him to that he will be able to enjoy more if he can walk. And yes most of his peers are all walking steadily, but not forgetting B is the youngest in the group.

He has limited vocabulary but will surprise you once awhile with new words. Despite not being able to talk per se, his ability to understand you is amazing. He knows when you tell him its mealtime, bedtime, shower time, reading time. So despite him being slightly slower than his peers, as his mother, I can confidently say I know his development better than anyone else and therefore, am not worried. Comments like "when do you want to start walking?" aint gonna help and aint gonna affect me in anyway.

Naps and sleep. Boy have we come a long way. I remember the days where I struggle to make him nap, resulting in him crying, me losing it and end up crying about what a long day I've had. Gone are the days where we need the carrier every nap time. Now he resists going in for sleep unless we are out.

Well, I think those days are over. These days, B takes 2 naps a day. One between 9-930am for an hour, another around 2pm for 1.5-2 hours. And the best part, all we need to do is put him in his cot. Although he does need me to sit beside him most of the time even if I'm not doing anything. As for night-time, he still wakes up but for sips of water or to look for his pacifier. In the past, when he wakes and can't go back to sleep, I have to sit beside him for 1-2 hours and it was dreadful and painful for me. But we have since found a wonderful solution. Well, not exactly wonderful and definitely not my ideal, but its something that allow me to have a good night rest. When he wakes up crying, we carry him to our room and sleep with us. The amazing thing is he falls asleep immediately and both of us get to sleep till almost 7am most days. Even if he's up early, he'll keep himself entertained and leave me alone until he really can't take it anymore. I love it because I'm getting enough sleep, and to be honest we love having him sleep with us. So hopefully we can stop this arrangement when he finally sleeps through the night alone.

Meal times - he has his moments and fair share of food and milk strike but generally doing great. On days of his strike, I've learned to become cool about it and just make sure he is hydrated and give him snacks or whatever he will eat. It usually goes away the next day. I have good rest most nights, he's eating alright, healthy and happy baby, what more can I ask for?

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