Monday, June 23, 2014

14 Months On

B will be 14 months in a couple of days. And with that, I keep having thoughts of trying for a second baby. I miss being pregnant so much it's crazy. I even miss my time in the delivery room. But the more logical DH had me thinking hard so I will stick to our original plan of trying when B hits 2.

It is so much easier for me ever since giving B rice and other form of carbs apart from porridge. In the past, its 80% porridge and the occasional mee sua or pasta. But since his last bout of food strike, I had to come up with ideas of what to entice him into eating. Turns out actually his food strike wasn't caused by the food itself, but his hate for the high chair. Hate is a strong word, but the moment he gets out of the chair, he eats pretty well. So I'm guessing he really hates being restrained. As much as I want him to have good table manners from young, prioritising manners and being fed, I choose the latter.

Anyway, since then, porridge probably makes up 50% of his meals and the rest usually rice and soup with either fish/meat with veg. Gosh does he loves soup. So DH and I benefit a lot from whatever B is eating.

With the June holidays, we are avoiding all indoor playgrounds because its crazy crowded and the older kids are so rowdy. So a few of us SAHMs take turns to host play dates, it really is fun for the kids and mummies and I enjoy these play dates a lot. A couple of ex colleagues from my different ex companies asked if I am going to go back to work soon, they have opportunities for me. I was tempted at those opportunities but can't see myself going back yet. Ever? I don't know. Who's to say what will happen?

We'll see.

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  1. Good to find the root of the reason for the 'food strike'. You're right about having a easy eater who eats a lot compared to having to go through a food strike. Thankfully, we never have any problem with the high chair or food/milk strikes and thankfully, she didn't turn out fat! Lol...