Friday, June 20, 2014

Of Social Responsibility, Humility & Respect

In this day and date where social media can make or break someone, practising some humility and respect for self and others is so important. We've seen how people who made insensitive remarks about certain race or nationality get booted out of the country, seen how companies get backfired with what they thought was a good social media campaign. My point? We are living in a world of freedom of speech - one is entitled to their opinions so who are we to judge? But there are kids reading, people who are less knowledgeable in certain aspect reading what we are saying or writing, so it is important not to mislead, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Food bloggers out there giving reviews on a certain establishment; fashion and beauty bloggers giving their take on certain products; mummy bloggers sharing their review on baby products or healthy recipes. All with good intent but I say, take everything with a pinch of salt and you are your best judge.

Ok, now, moving on. We're counting down to our first family holiday! DH will be back tonight and we have loads to discuss, not just on the holiday, but generally on rearrangement some furnitures at home. I am very keen in moving B's play area outside his room because every nap time he gets distracted by his toys and wanna climb out to play. It's about how convincing I can be now. :)

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