Friday, June 27, 2014


Quick update while the bub and hub are napping. It had been great so far - we had fun at the pool yesterday, went to the kids club which really is more suitable for older kids, but they have a small tods room which is great.

Went to Resort World for lunch and will head to the beach and pool once B is up. The hotel has it's pros and cons- generally ok but could be better. Will share upon my return.

During lunch, B was playing with his utensils and I said "can you feed mummy?" He surprised me by putting his spoon in my mouth! I've never taught him that so was pleasantly surprised. When we went on the Sentosa Bus, DH asked "what's this Bradley?" He was able to reply "bus". This mini conversation threw us off.

I've said before and will do so again- so thankful for our mummies group because I've learned so much from their experience. Just like the flashcards episode. I've stopped flashcards when b was 6mo and got inspired to do again of late by one of the mummies. Sharing what we do with our bubs, esp for SAHMs gives us ideas. So one idea leads to the creation of another and so on. Of course some of us may disagree with certain things but we are almost never disrespectful to one another just because of that. Doesn't mean we don't do things a certain way means we are wrong. We respect each other and are never condescending. Ultimately all mummies want the best for their children. And truthfully, this should be the respect for all human beings, no?

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