Monday, June 30, 2014

Our First Family Vacation

Was a success! It was a very blissful, STRESS-FREE 2 days for me, something which I did not expect. I knew I had to take things easy and not fret over things like B not napping or eating, but I did not expect it to be this easy.

B slept when he had to, even when we were hoping he would try to fight it so we can all play more and enjoy the hotel more. He ate when we did and that gave me a whole new perspective of feeding him. I used to stick to a very strict routine of 3-4 hours feed but I guess he is old enough and stomach can hold out longer. So instead of having his lunch around 1045-11am and dinner at 5pm when he's home, he ate around 12-1pm and dinner at 6ish with us. In a way its easier because he's more hungry and ate faster. So now, I'm doing the same at home - I won't freak out just because it's past B's supposedly lunch time. All in all, it was such a wonderful break for us. My friend YN said she felt that her daughter who is B's age grew more every time they go on a holiday. It is true, after this short staycation, DH and I felt the difference. B seems to have grown. Hard to point a finger at exactly what, but there definitely is some form of growth.

Now, the hotel. I was somewhat disappointed. For a hotel that prides themselves as family-oriented, they aren't that great. The baby cot was in a poor condition and I was so happy with myself that I remembered to bring a couple of swaddling cloth. They did not provide any baby toiletries - not that I'm cheapskate, I brought my own, but having spent so much on their facilities to clearly target children, you would think its a given. My friend Mel took her boys to Ritz for a staycation and I was impressed with the kids amenities. Granted, its the Ritz, but I read an article that Intercon had the same too. Anyway, I think if we had asked for it, they probably would have provided.

What I liked about Rasa Sentosa:
- Kids club/tods room
- Kids section at the buffet
- Amazing breakfast spread
- Complimentary wifi throughout the property
- First round of minibar free
- Amazing view
- Great kids pool and play area
- Peacocks roaming around

What I felt could be better:
- Service. Apart from front desk and housekeeping, service is rather poor especially at the restaurants
- They have a gorgeous chill out area at the lobby, overlooking the sea, equipped with comfortable sofas and chairs and even a bar which I think is meant for when there are events like conferences or weddings. The bar is otherwise unattended. One evening, we wanted to have drinks there before dinner, just enjoying the view and letting B roam around. I asked if they served drinks there and answer was no, only at the bar. Asked if I could order drinks and have it there, they said no despite being apologetic about it. Maybe with my customer service and hotel background, I thought it was rather unacceptable and inflexible.
- The only bar at the hotel is somewhat miserable. They should move it up to above said lounge.

Regardless, it was still a wonderful vacation and I am so glad it went by without any glitch. Told DH to be prepared, cause we are looking forward to the next overseas trip!

Enjoying a snack after swimming

Cheers Mummy!

B loving the cot. 

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  1. Wonderful! More staycations, road trips then actual flying holidays to come! Yay!