Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Misleading the Baby

There are a couple of things we've taught B.. consciously or unconsciously that sometimes really crack us up. For example, DH performs this play for B using his soft toys. He starts with Humpty Dumpty, followed by Jack & Jill and then Hickory Dickory Clock. He uses a Doraemon and a random penguin soft toy, Doraemon being Humpty Dumpty. One day, in our game of "Where is XX?" (usually Elmo, Ernie, Mickey Mouse), we thought just ask him where is Humpty Dumpty, and he picked out Doraemon!! It was kinda funny and we told ourselves better to correct him lest he thinks it really is Humpty Dumpty.

Flying kiss - OMG. His flying kiss is more like flying french kiss. Instead of kissing his palms and blowing the kiss, he sticks out his tongue and uses his index fingers to twirl around the tongue. I have no idea why he thinks that's anywhere close to flying kiss but it is hilarious to watch him do that I really couldn't bring myself to correct him. Sorry baby, its just like one day you will discover Santa and the tooth fairy aint real.

Most recently, I taught him to say "sorry" by doing the saluting action. Sometimes he gets it and salutes (by knocking his right temple), but most times he thinks poking his ear is the same as saluting.

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