Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We Are Going On A Summer Holiday

Well, not quite. But it is going to be the FIRST holiday since I gave birth to B.

No, we're not going to Malaysia, not Thailand, not Hong Kong, not Japan. Guess where???????

We are going to..... *drum rolls*....


Eh, give me some credit lah. It takes a whole load of courage to make a decision to spend the night out and possibly have some disruption to B's nighttime schedule. I've been really inspired by my friends who have brought their babies overseas, on cruises, staycations and I thought we really should step out of our comfort zone and try something different. I remember when I made the decision to not go to my mum's place everyday, it was frightening thinking there's no one else at home to help me. Come to think of it, it was way easier back then when he wasn't flipping, crawling, walking.

Anyway, we'll go ahead and stay for 2 nights at Rasa Sentosa - it has an awesome kids club and really family oriented. Gone are the days where DH and I plan holidays based on whether there is champagne breakfast, whether its a secluded, romantic location. But now, decisions are made based on whether B will be kept entertained. Regardless, I'm sure we will have a good time. I'm going to let myself relax and not be too uptight.

On a separate note, we had an appointment with Dr Zainal last Saturday for B's vaccine and routine check up. Boy was it traumatising now that he's much older. He resists being held down to measure his height, which by the way, he's 80cm now! He has such strong stranger anxiety that when he saw the doc, he clung on to me tightly and refused to look at him. When the doctor tried to listen to his heartbeat, he pushed his hands away twice. It was actually quite funny and many times he grumbled and complained until the doctor was laughing at him. Needless to say, he cried when the jab was given - its like finally all the pent up anxiety and fear was let out until doctor had to apologise to him. Too silly.

Whilst his weight remains stagnant, he had grown 2cm taller in a month. Dr Zainal kept reminding us that sometimes being stagnant in one area doesn't mean he's not growing. There are other milestones which we may not be aware at this point. For instance, all his canines and molars are coming out at the same time. Cognitively, he's pretty advance. So, daddy and mummy please relax.

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