Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quiet Birthdays

I wonder if its true that as we get older, birthday is yet another day.

Even before B came along, DH and I had stopped our partying ways long ago. We did drink very often, but not to the extent of waking up with a massive hangover. As far as I remember, except for his 40th, the last few birthdays were pretty low key - dinner at a nice restaurant followed by drinks at a fancy bar. Just the 2 of us.

Last weekend, we celebrated his 42nd birthday, which is today. Asked him what he want to do and he said, "Just quality family time with both of you". I had wanted to do a last minute staycation at Ritz and was this near to booking it. But after sleeping on it, I decided against it, for we just came back from Shang, this was too last minute, I didn't want to take advantage of our good times at Shang and do it again without proper planning and risk B possibly ruining what could be one of the most expensive night stay in Singapore for us. Hahaha. But it is crazy expensive - one night stay in Ritz could bring us two nights at some other hotels, even Conrad!

Anyway, we were glad I didn't make a rash decision and decided to cook for him instead. So after B went to bed, we enjoyed dinner over a bottle of really nice Chardonnay. Best thing? Everything cost less than $100.

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  1. Everything looks so yummy! Great that you can manage to still cook all these fine food with B around. :)