Thursday, July 31, 2014


B's grasp of communicating and his vocabulary amaze me all the time. I find myself being pleasantly surprised often. Things that I did not think would register, did. Those books were right I guess - speak to them like you would to an adult, no baby talk and keep communicating with them from day 1.

Not because I am following instructions from those parenting books,  but because since confinement days, I am usually home alone with him and to keep my sanity, I talk to him a lot.  "Baby, mummy's gonna change your diaper/feed you/give you a bath etc". When playing with him, I generously threw in the "I love yous" and "mummy's sweetie pie". You know,  a bit like Tom Hanks and his basketball friend Wilson in Castaway.

Besides imitating the sounds animals make, he recognises a lot of the flash cards. . Even though I stopped flashing for a while.  We've been reading a lot of Peppa Pig lately - he seemed to have moved on from Goodnight Moon. With Peppa Pig, his favorite pages are those that he can show off his "grrr", "oink" and "roar".

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