Friday, September 12, 2014

Spending Time with Daddy

Last Saturday, I had to help out at my good friend's wedding. It was kind of a whole day thing, and needless to say, I worried about how B will be spending the entire day without mummy.

Leading up to the day, I planned his meals and taught DH what to do, when to do and how to do.

The day came and I left home at 630am before the both of them wakes. While at my friend's place, getting all anxious and excited for her, my mind constantly went back home and I missed B so much it was ridiculous.

Well it turned out my worries were uncalled for of course. Father and son had a great time and when I got home in the afternoon, B was happy to see me. When I left for the dinner rehearsal, B cried looking for me room to room and it broke my heart when DH told me. But once DH distracted him with his favourite balcony door (sighs... a story for another day), he was happy again.

The next day, DH said to me.

"Baby I know its tough on you. Just spending one day with him at home had me spent".

Thank you for acknowledging it. But I love doing it.

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