Monday, September 15, 2014

A Day At The Beach

Last Sunday, we took B to the beach. We had wanted to try but never really gone on to it. The last time we went to Sentosa for our staycation, he couldn't walk yet and he was fairly disgusted with the sand.

One of the reason why we have been putting the beach outing on hold is because of his nap time. Nowadays, he sleeps from 945-10am to 1130-12 noon. We prefer to go in the morning when the sun is less brutal. But last week we decided to just do it.

By the time we got to Palawan beach, it was almost 130pm.  We found a spot, lay out the mat and got to playing. It took a while for B to get use to the sand texture and get into the waters. But once he was warmed up, he was having a ball feeling the sand falls through his fingers and splashing the water.

We took a break and ate the food I prepared, drank our ice cold beer from the ice box we brought and B had his strawberry milk, sandwich and tons of biscuits. I have to say it was alot of fun.

But the sun that day was out to kill. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.  That is the one most important thing for the tod. I was so kiasu I reapplied them on him every 20 - 30min. Getting him to wear a hat is not easy but he eventually gave in. Coupled with his rash guard, he was pretty well protected.


  1. guys managed to get the perfect spot! Table with umbrella no less!

    1. actually the tables were from an event that happened the day before i think. halfway through, the indian workers came around dismantling and collecting them.. what a bummer.. lucky we were gonna leave already. Sentosa should just consider providing these or have them for rental. seriously!