Monday, October 20, 2014

Alternative Treatments

I am not one of alternative treatments and healing. But I am one who is willing to try anything and everything (with sufficient research of course) that will make my son's life easier, health better and recover faster should he fall ill.

The last bout of cold he caught took about 2 weeks to recover and it was disheartening to see his face shrink. So since then, I have been somewhat careful with him. Or so I thought.

One fine Saturday afternoon, DH and I wanted some beers and the only thing that can keep B happy while we down some beer is water. Water, beer.. We can only think of Clarke Quay. Off we went, had our beers and B had such an amazing time, but that left him with a runny nose almost immediately.  I beat myself up over and over again for being so irresponsible. Anyway, this round I was much more prepared. We had medication on standby and B did not seem uncomfortable at all. Thankfully his appetite was not affected.

But what I really want to share is the introduction of essential oil this round.  I've heard of many using EO as an alternate treatment as opposed to medication but it never occurred to me to try it. In my attempt to get him recover faster, I decided to give it a go. And you know what, it gave me a very pleasant surprise.

Well, it is MLM no doubt, but the products did prove effective. There are many brands out there and I am not to say which one is more superior as I have only tried one brand. Surprisingly, my usually skeptical sister is also using it as she knows the distributor, and it helped with her migraine. That said, I am not advocating alternative treatments - I still think going to the doctor is the best and such treatments should be used as a preventive measures.

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  1. Yes, I heard about this particular MLM brand too. In fact, quite a few mummy bloggers rave about it. But I heard it's expensive too. Lol