Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Days Gone By... Summary

I am sitting on many drafts for the blog, so I've decided to consolidate some drafts into one and maybe, just maybe, one day I might be able to clear those drafts.

I figured the best way to do this is probably chronologically, and by looking at the photos I took on my phone.

Inspired by my friend Karen, I brought B to the library and got him his personal library card! My very first trip to the library was around 8 years old and I've always enjoyed going there, borrowing books, returning them (late and paid fines), browsing the audio cds and watching some vcds there. Of course B is too young but since he likes books so much, I thought this is a good habit to cultivate early. But I must say I am a tad disappointed because a lot of the books are in very poor condition that I wasn't sure I want to let him hold them. That said, I think the onus is on the parents to teach their children to take care of not just their own property, but public property.


Last Friday, we had an impromptu play date at a friend's place and I love how our kids were able to engage in free-play in a safe environment while the mummies exchange experiences and share knowledge on taking care of our children. Whilst it is important to focus on the kids' development, mummies sanity are equally important. B and I have come such a long way that I can finally say things are going great (please, please don't jinx it).

I know kids their age parallel play more than play with each other, so this scene really shocked me and made me really fuzzy too. B was playing peekaboo with Jarett.

He also gave me a surprise me when he was playing with the kitchen set by stirring a pot on the stove. I guess all that bugging me to carry him while I was cooking did set an impression. Prior to this, I was a little skeptical in letting him play a kitchen set because I thought it's for girls, no? And he never battered an eyelid at them when we were at indoor playgrounds. But seeing him having fun, being serious about his kitchen made me think twice. I should not be prejudiced and indirectly influencing him in thinking this way. Besides, if you look at all the toys set, they don't just put pictures of little girls playing, they also have boys in it. Smart marketing! His daddy, of course, saw that he enjoyed it, made it our mission to buy a set for him. And ELC had 40% off storewide with additional 10% for Citibank, which made the beautiful set cost $149 instead of usual $269. But, we didn't get it. 'Coz we saw another set at Toys R Us that was going for $80. Ya, call me a cheapskate. :D


We made another trip to Sentosa after the last trip. This time it was pretty well executed I think. We decided to "take a risk" and go in the morning instead, right after we all wake and he had his milk. I packed everything the night before so there's no need for any scurrying around before leaving. And since B is pretty much settled into his one nap a day routine, as long as we are done by 10, he can nap on his way back. 

Too much love.

Mornings are best coz the sun isn't too strong, and best part, the beach is not crowded.

His new trick - "if you're happy and you know it say hurray!"

We got there around 8am, played around and had light breakfast on the beach, cleaned up at 930am, proper breakfast at Mac around 10, got to car around 1015am and B KO-ed all the way home and continued until it was nearly lunch time. 

There had been so much more I wanted to blog about, but they seem relatively insignificant now. I guess that's what happens when you sit on them for too long.

DH is traveling and as usual, I miss him like crazy. He had the cheek to tell me my status has dropped - B is his favourite person now. 

For some reason... this status changed brought a smile to my face.


  1. B's playdate, Jarett, is so cute. Look at those round eyes! Like Japanese like that...heehee