Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Car Seat Struggles

I am beginning to detest driving out alone with B. It used to be pretty straightforward - he goes to the car seat every time we get into the car with minimal struggle because he knows that's where he belongs. Even if he did struggle, I can easily trick him into sitting in with toys or books. But now, he wants to exercise his "independence".

There is so far 2 occasions where he had a major meltdown from refusing to get into the car seat. Both times, after some coaxing, I had to resort to forcefully putting him in while he's screaming murder and keeping stiff the entire time. What am I to do? There is no choice but to let him cry and scream. I surprise myself by turning a deaf ear to his cries because there isn't anything I can do, he's not getting out of it anyway and more often than not, once the car starts moving, his cries tone down. He will grumble and cry and complain the entire trip, but then he gets distracted by the buses and traffic. When he remembers, he starts his ruckus again.

Any tips to share on how to get your little ones in their car seats?

On a separate note, I wrote yesterday about how B clings onto me whenever I'm in the kitchen. I now mainly cook one-dish meal so that there isn't as much work or time spent in front of the stove.

Making wantons for tonight's dinner, featuring baby sleeping in the background.

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