Tuesday, November 25, 2014

19 Months On

My baby is going to be 19 months tomorrow. He's really less of a baby and more of a person, a strong-willed person.

I've been taking him to my mum's place a lot. For one, I needed someone to watch over him while I try to recover from this morning sickness, and two, it is important for him to get really familiar there so that by the time beanie is ready to meet the world, B feels comfortable spending time there while we are at the delivery room. It worked, he wanders around the house like his own, playing with my nephew, my brother and my mum. The other day, I left him there while I went to run some errands at the post office and he didn't even looked for me once. An accomplishment.

I had wanted to send him to parent-and-child playgroups by the time he reaches 18 month, but the lazy mummy hasn't got to checking things out. The last time I did, the schedules and timings weren't fantastic and I somewhat had the idea he wouldn't be able to stay still and participate. I don't know, is my laziness putting him at a disadvantage? Can't he learn and pick up skills at home with me? I do teach him a lot, through day to day activities... he's learned to count from making his milk every night (the number of scoops we add to the water), he knows the alphabets from singing and watching some YouTube videos (which I'm really surprised!) and of course, other skills like brushing teeth, being read to. So, I'm on the fence as to whether we should send him for "proper" classes per se.

His language abilities surpasses my expectations of him most of the time and one of my favourite things to do is just simply observe him while he plays. He is showing his cheeky aspect of his character slowly day by day. Its no wonder why people say boys are mischievous. For someone his age, he can tease both his parents and make us laugh like crazy.

It really warms my heart to know that this little person we created has brought so much joy to our lives, and its gonna double real soon!


  1. I don't see the need to 'send' him to a 'proper school' just yet if he's progressing just fine. Ain't that the reason you decide to be a SAHM? Leave school till he's maybe 4 or 5?

    1. You are right. It is so hard to not fall into the pressure and worrying he might be at a disadvantage. I should just stick to my stance and be proud of what I have been doing with him.