Thursday, December 25, 2014

December Staycation

Before we found out I was expecting beanie, we made family plans to do a road trip by chartering a private coach to Sunway Lagoon. The last time we traveled as a family was to Malacca and that was at least 4 years ago. Then some of us couldn't make it, so the plan changed to flying up to Penang since I haven't been. And then the kiasi me found out about the pregnancy and decided to can the trip because I don't want to travel in the first trimester.

Anyway, long story short, we didn't make it overseas, and DH and I thought we could have our own little family staycation in town, by splurging a little more on a nice hotel with a good room. So I went on to do a research. The dates coincide with the Christmas festive season so we had in mind to let B stay up later to experience the Orchard Christmas lighting. Most of the Orchard hotels were to "hotelsy" for me and we finally decided on Goodwood Park and book ourselves a nice little suite.

The hotel and rooms are no doubt dated, but the size of the room compensated everything. The moment we entered our room, B who was initially wary as usual, broke into a grin and jumped down the floor and started exploring the room. Of course, the sliding doors would appeal to him most, he spent a lot of time in and out the wardrobe. Let's just say the room and bathroom were massive and we were completely contented just staying indoors.

The problem with sitting on the post for so long is you tend to forget what you want to write about. In short, it was an incredible holiday, I was not bothered by morning sickness too much (hopefully that has subsided), B had a ball of a time and that made us super happy too. Spending time as a family especially now that DH is on leave makes me so happy.

Really, I'm just happy that there's someone to relieve me of taking care of Bradley. :p

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