Thursday, December 25, 2014

Second Meeting with Beanie - Oscar Scan

We had been looking forward to Christmas eve, not exactly because of the festive holidays, but because we were going to meet beanie!

We were scheduled to do the Oscar scan on Christmas eve so DH and I have been counting down to this day. The last time we did a scan I was about 6w3d and beanie was only a, well, a bean. Yesterday, at 11w3d, we saw beanie's arms and legs and cute little nose, it was so touching. And having DH and B in the ultrasound room with me made everything so special.

Beanie is definitely more cooperative than B was when we did the Oscar. The scan was completed in 10 minutes and we headed back up to see Dr W. Gave her and her clinic assistants their Christmas gifts and they seemed genuinely surprised. The results of the scan will probably be out soon and may expect to hear from Dr W tomorrow. Frankly, I'm not at all bothered with the scan nor the results because we have decided termination of the pregnancy is not an option even if the baby has Downs.

Next visit, hopefully we will be able to tell beanie's gender! CANNOT wait!

And my tummy seemed to have grown overnight. Is that possible?!