Friday, January 9, 2015

Emotions Rollercoaster

Yesterday, I found out a good friend of mine from our mummies group is pregnant. She is keeping it hush for now till she pass the 12 week mark and I am so honoured that she chose to share with me even before her parents. We are both SAHM and both our sons went through somewhat similar things, so that gave us a lot in common to talk about. We worry about our sons' nap time, we struggle with people thinking we are the ones who force our children to go to bed early, our obsession with where and how long they nap, how much and what they eat. We both went through a bit to conceive the first child. In short, we have a lot in common, more than we know.

So I was really very happy for her when she told me and happy for myself too! Having a good friend go through the pregnancy woes, pains and joys together. Can you imagine all the late night feedings and pumping sessions? There's someone to chat with while you are at it. Haha.

However, sighs.. there was bad news today. The other pregnant mummy from our group (there is a few) had a miscarriage. Her first visit to the doctor did not go well, they couldn't really see heartbeat and had to do a transvaginal to see the sac. Size was a little off too so doctor advised her to go back today for another check. Unfortunately, the embryo stopped  growing. So now she's left to decide if she wants to go through the D&C or let it discharge naturally. Such a painful decision to make and when I found out, I was extremely sad. I can't imagine what she is going through now.

Every baby is a gift, I've learned that when trying to conceive B. I must remember to be thankful for what I have today and not let trivial things bother me too much.

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